The world is yours.

Propel yourself into the future. Discover the possibilities with a brand-new, responsive, and fast website.

Give your company an update.

We offer three general packages for a website or landing page (or both). If you can’t put your project into a predesigned box, that’s fine. We won’t judge you. Fill out the form below with the details of your project, and what you want us to do, and we get back to you with a custom offer.


Note: We do Cryptocurrency payments with Check out their website for further info. They use Bitcoins Lightning Network for payments!

We do also accept cold hard cash via PayPal 😉


The entry-level. We will create a basic brochure website. If you have 1-5 offerings you wish to sell, your company sells a service, or you simply want a internet presence about what you do, this is your package.

  • Hosting (With us, on
  • WordPress Installation
  • Needed Plug-Ins
  • Premium template, fully customized
  • Fully branded website (matching your logo, etc)
  • Content insertion (that you write!)
  • Security, SEO, and speed optimization
  • Fully mobile compatible


For intermediates, or millennials. The lazy-boy method. This package includes the Kiddo-package, but we provide a fully finished website. Including branding.

We design a logo, pick a color-scheme, and arm you with social media banners (if needed).

  • Everything within the Kiddo-package
  • Payment system included (Cryptocurrency or hard cash)
  • Logo Design and branding
  • Content provided by you
  • Everything from one source!

Castle King

The full blown castle. If you have very special needs. Because your company is completely different, this is your package. We will do everything you want.

All of it.

Note the “+” behind the price. We can’t put a definite price tag on such a project. It could stay at said price, or get more expensive!

Get in touch below to learn more.

  • Everything you can dream of


The entry-level

$1500 $ 999
  • Start out
  • For newcomers
  • The base you need


The lazy-boy method

$2500 $ 1,999
  • The Kiddo Plus
  • Including branding
  • Including payment system

Castle King

Your dreams. Reality.

$ 3,000+
  • Everything you want
  • All your needs
  • Easy and fast.

You charge $1,000+ for a damn website?

No. We won’t just make a website. For these few bucks you will get a presence on the internet, tailored to your specific needs. Before we do anything, we learn about your company or endaevour. What you really want. What you really do.

We might even come out of this, realizing you don’t need a new website.

We don’t just click together a bunch of websites. We create an experience for you and your customer. So we can further your brand, your company, you, and your income.

Don't you dare putting me in a box!

All good. No need to get all up in arms about it! We don’t want to put you in a predefined box if that’s not your thing.

Fill out the form below with the details of your project and what you need exactly.
We will make a custom offer for you then. For bouncy prices.

The Process.

You might be interested in how we work. Fair question. Here’s a glimpse.

  • We will send you a Form to fill out about details. What you have, what you want.
  • We will review it and probably come up with more questions.
  • We will need information about your company, projects, or endeavour in grand detail. A website only sells if it is targeted at the right market. Maybe you will also learn a few things about marketing and copywriting.
  • You choose from a few basic design styles where the journey shall go. However, we will help you to decide what fits best to your brand.
  • If we design a logo for you, this is always the first. Because the logo is the face of the company.
  • And this is just the start… Get in touch to learn more.