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Below you find some of the recent work we did. Maybe to get some inspirations for your future BouncyCastle, or to see if we’re worth your money.


TheDailyChain is a cryptocurrency news website. With lots of articles to learn trading on top of that.

Our task was to create a logo and redo the whole existing site. The goal was to create a magazine look.

We also decided to make the menu more advanced than usual.

Certain subcategories are displayed with images and info while hovering over the menu-button.

This makes it easier to navigate or catch attention of the visitor for certain articles.

We came up with a very clean website. Especially within the articles.

Not much fluff around it. Easy to read and digest.

With some little extra info on the sidebar to keep the visitor on the website.

Check out TheDailyChain


The Bitcointradegroup is one of the biggest trading groups for cryptocurrencies, forex and other assets.

They had lots of issues with their existing site. So they needed it fixed and redone.

Since they have a paid membership, they needed hidden content, subscriber features, members area, and recurring payment features.

The goal was to keep the design minimalistic and clean.

Another wish was a full-fledged course system for their students. It also needed to have restrictions on the courses. Members had to finish the beginners course first, before they could move on.

This was all hidden inside the members area. If you are not logged in, you can only see the initial landing page.

Check out the Bitcointradegroup


A website for a German car dealer.

This was a purely informational website. Primary target was to get people to contact them and discover what they sell.

The very first page has a video autplaying from Kia.

If you scroll down, you get a bunch of image-heavy sections and lots of responsive info.

A parallax-effect with the blue car in the background not moving, while the rest of the content moves for example.

Subsites about the makes they are selling had more videos at the top. Or animated images if there wasn’t an appropriate official video available.

The whole website is very visual heavy. Information wasn’t important. Hooking visitors was.

Check out the Autohaus Gorny

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